Hompie Intelligent LCD 30A 12V/24V 360W/720W PWM Solar

Intelligent solar controller, which is equipped with industrial-grade STM 8 microprocessor to control the charge and discharge process. And, it has perfect and liable battery charge and discharge period management. The charge circuit is characterized by high efficiency and low consumption by controlling the MOSFET of the ultra-low internal resistance with PWM. This controller has multiple load control modes and is adaptable to different industries.

Solar Controller Specifications

- Battery Voltage: 12V/24V auto

- Max Discharge Current: 30A

- Working Temperature: -35°C to +60°C

- Self consume: ≤10mA

- Float Charge: 13V(default, adjustable)

- Discharge stop:10.7V(default, adjustable)

- Discharge reconnect:12.6V(default, adjustable)

- Size:133*70*32mm

-USB Charge port: 5V 2A

- PWM battery charging

- All necessary protections equipped

- Adjustable controlling parameter of the system

- Compatible Battery: Lead-acid Cell

-Build-in industrial micro controller

-Big LCD display, all adjustable parameter

-Fully 4-stage PWM charge management

-Build-in short-circuit protection, open-circuit protection, reverse protection, over-load protection

-Dual mosfet Reverse current protection ,low heat production

-Suitable for Home, Industrial, Commercial etc
Package Includes

-1 x Solar Charge Controller

-1 x User Manual

it could recognize the solar output and adjust the voltage to match the battery specifications. For example, after receiving 24 volts from solar panel, if it has recognized the storage battery is 12 volt, the controller will send 24 volts into a 12 volt battery.
NOTE: Please be sure to connect the battery first before your solar panel or the unit will not power up
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Mohoo 20A 12V/24V Solar Charge Controller Solar Control

The product can automatically manage the working of solar panel and battery in solar system. It is easy to set up and operate.
Automatically manage the working of solar panel and battery in solar system.
Overloading and short-circuit protection.
Reverse discharging & reverse-polarity protection.
Under-voltage and over-charging protection.
Protection from lightning strike.
Prolong the battery life cycle and keep the load work well.
Easy to set up and operate.
Suitable for small solar energy system.
Voltage: DC 12V / 24V
Self-consuming: 10MA
Rated Charge Current:20A
Rated Load Current:20A
Over charge Protection: 14.4V / 28.8V
Over charge Floating charge:13.5V / 27V
Over charge Recover: 13.2V / 26.4V
Over discharge Protection:10.8V / 21.6V
Over discharge Recover: 12.3V / 24.6V
Max open-circuit voltage of the solar panel:25V / 36V
Operating temperature: -20℃-50℃
Item size:10.2 * 9.5 * 3.8cm / 4 * 3.7 * 1.5in
Package List:
1 * Solar Charge Controller
1 * User's Manual (English)
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